Senior Pastor: Steve Peterson
Steve has been at the helm of Elim since Spring of 2014. Steve comes from a very diverse background working in churches and the missions field alongside his wife, Elizabeth and their children Rachel, Abigail, and R.J.



Secretary: Sandy Parrott



Ministry Leadership Team (MLT):

Elder of Education LJ Cunningham `20  Secretary
– Deacon of Church Growth Natalie Hermann `19
– Deacon of Christian Education Victoria Fowler `18
– Deacon of Missions Juanita Arellanos `18

Elder of Stewardship Orlin Johnson `18  Vice-Moderator
– Deacon of Stewardship
– Deacon of Property Nick Wagner `18

Elder of Ministry Mike Hermann `19  Moderator
– Deacon of Worship & Music Leonna Ellis `18
– Deacon of Personal Ministries Cheryl Bear `18
– Deacon of Prayer Linda Gilmour `17

Treasurer Sandy Parrott `18
Recording Secretary Karen Johnson `17
Financial Secretary John Clarke (Appointed)
Memorial Secretary Lorraine Carsell (Appointed)

Nominating Committee:
Sheila Yoeckel `18
LJ Cunningham `18
Maxine Barnes `17
Carolyn Grimes `17

(Term expires at the end of the year indicated next to each board member’s name.)

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