Volunteer of the Month – October, 2015

Elim Students!


I know this is cheating and I hate to not recognize each Elim student volunteer individually, but I couldn’t possibly pick one!

Every week, Elim’s activities are possible because of these students’ willingness to serve.  As the year goes on, volunteers drop out, and other events pop up, these are the helpers I rely on the most!  They are always here when they’re needed, and work without complaint!

So, for all of this and more, thank you, Elim Students:  Abby Peterson, Amanda Dang, Elizabeth Smith, Kate Schaechter, Mariah DeArmond, Megan DeArmond, Michelle DeArmond, Natalie Nipper, Rachel Luong, Rachel Peterson, Rebecca Schaechter, and Thao Luong!

Since I’m really focused on kids’ ministry, these are the students on our childcare schedule.  There are plenty more students involved and helping out in other ways, but I don’t know about them!  If you work with students in your area, take a minute to say thank you!

Volunteer of the Month – September, 2015

Scott Fowler!


Scott Fowler has been co-leading Spark (1st-5th graders) with his wife for about a year now.  Not only did they volunteer to take over, but they’ve done a fantastic job with the program!

Recently, Scott has really gone above and beyond by recognizing a need in our kids’ lives and providing!  As a parent himself, Scott saw his kids being taught controversial topics in school before the church was addressing them.  He is working closely with Pastor Steve to create lessons on these sensitive topics to ensure that our kids are receiving a biblical perspective.

Scott has a great heart for teaching and children, and he’s utilizing them both to help lay a Christian foundation!

Thank you, Scott Fowler, for being willing to take on children’s ministry and brave enough to teach our kids what they need rather than what’s easy!