Volunteer of the Month – August, 2015

Lacey Wagner  and  Sheila Yoeckel!

I know I’ve been picking 1 at a time, and I hope these wonderful ladies don’t feel slighted by having to share month, but I couldn’t decide!

Lacey Wagner is relatively new to the Elim family, but as soon as she heard of a need, jumped right in!  She works in the nursery for our helpers’ kids on Wednesday nights and does it with joy and a smile!

Sheila Yoeckel is a long-time member of Elim, and makes innumerable contributions, but recently stepped up in an awesome way!  Sheila was planning on attending a class Wednesday nights, but heard that Lacey had a desire to attend and couldn’t since she works in the nursery.  Sheila instantly volunteered to take over the nursery for that time frame, and comes on Sunday nights for the class for herself.

These 2 wonderful women of God are such great examples of stepping up and filling a need that I couldn’t choose who to acknowledge first!  Thank you both so much for your willingness to sacrifice your time and energy to ensure Elim’s needs as a family are being met!

Thank you, Lacey Wagner and Sheila Yoeckel, for being committed members of God’s family at Elim!  I’m so glad to see such fantastic role models in our midst!