Volunteer of the Month – March, 2015

Dora Beth Christy!

Dora Beth Christy has worked with Elim’s children ministries about as long as she’s been attending the Church.  This is a big part of why she’s our Volunteer of the Month!

Dora Beth wasted no time jumping in with both feet, and she hasn’t slowed down since!  She brings fresh ideas, energy, and a passion for doing whatever it takes to enable kids to begin or grow in a relationship with God.

On top of her work with the kids, Dora Beth has also been great about pulling in other new volunteers.  Her heart for welcoming new families as best as possible has benefited our ministries in many ways!

Thank you, Dora Beth Christy, for being willing to dive in and devoting so much of your (and your family’s) time and dedication to your Elim family!