Hey Everyone! I pray you are having a great sunny start to your weekend. The VBS kits for those who have registered are ready for pickup. You can grab them Sunday before or after church service or between 2-5pm Sunday afternoon. I will be at the church so if you text you are on your way I will gladly do curbside delivery!!

There is one activity that is delicate so please handle your bags with care. If you find your Treasure Ball broken, we tried our best to place them to avoid this but accidents happen. I am linking below the website that tells you how to make it if yours is broken and you want to try to recreate it.

I found it easier not to do it in the ziploc bag.

I will continue to provide kits to those who would like one. I will adapt the kits appropriately as the weeks pass but they are available for anyone who would still like one for kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids or neighbor children, you need only reach out!

Movie for 5/17

Good Afternoon Families! I pray you are all having a great day today and taking time to enjoy the sunshine!
Just wanted to pop in and remind you the movie for Sunday May 17th is Annie and I hope you get the chance to watch it! I love this movie! The music and the acting is so fun!

5/3 lesson follow up

Follow up Questions…
What island did Flint live on?

Where did Jesus go with Zacchaeus?

I do apologize I can not get the Bible Mad Lib to upload so please look for it in your packet!

Bible Challenge for the week…
Find another bible story that shows Including Others! Share with me at any of the sources listed above!

How Great is Our God

Many have heard me reference this song as the song that makes me a time traveler. Every time I hear or play this song I go back to 2012 getting to play the song in India while on a work trip. I remember the experience in incredibly vivid detail and it left me shaking with the excitement at the mysterious ways that God works. If you want to know more, reach out, I LOVE telling the story but its much better told verbally.